Elegant Bobby Pin Hairstyles

FX-2685_M_Large_Web_02Good Morning. I’m sitting here listening to the singing of the birds and hoping I can get this blog post done before my children wake up!   (I Didn’t make it!)

Today I wanted to share a few hair style ideas of what can be done using Lilla Rose bobby pins. This first one (pictured below) is one I did for a bride for her rehearsal dinner. This young lady has very thick, heavy, silky hair and has a hard time putting it all up. In fact in the past year or so since I have known her she has never had her hair up because it just won’t stay. (I’m working to change that with these marvelous products) Friday morning on the day of her rehearsal she came over and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I didn’t really have in mind that I would be putting it up but for some reason my fingers just started braiding  this side braid and before I knew it it all fell in place and with the help of a several bobby pins and some U-pins the braid was secured and it stayed ALL DAY! She was busy, busy, busy, all day with pre wedding prep and she was as delighted as I was with how lovely and secure it stayed!

Products used were  Copper Rose bobby pins and Copper Rose U-pins. I did not have enough bobby pins on hand and that is why I enlisted the help of the U-pins to give that extra hold her hair needed.

elegant braid


Pictured below is one of my first attempts at doing a fancy braid. I really did not know what I was doing when I did it… I just played and secured as I went with bobby pins and eventually this is what I came up. There are some plain Lilla Rose bobby pins hiding in there along with the Elegant Flower pins as my niece’s hair is also much too thick and heavy for just the two you see in the picture.

Untitled design-20

This is one of my favorite ways of using Lilla Rose bobby pins. This works very well for fine hair but may not be limited to that. First I gathered all her hair in a ponytail and then separated into 3 section like I would for a basic braid. Then I twisted those 3 sections and started winding them around the base of the ponytail and secured it with two  of the Copper Rose bobby pins. Simple, easy and pretty. It stayed all day and thats amazing for a very rambunctious 3 year old!

Untitled design-22


Untitled design-17

Here is another favorite way of mine to use bobby pins. I did a side twist on each side of her head and then secured them in the middle with one of those tiny rubber bands. Then I took those two tails that I ended up with and kept twisting them up and form them in a loose bun and secured everything with two Petite Dragonfly bobby pins, also from Lilla Rose. I really like doing the side twist on my daughter because her hair is very silky and lots of layers so these help secure a lot of strays. It is also much faster for me to do than braiding. Untitled design-19


Lilla Rose offers a nice selection of bobby pins with motifs as well as plain ones. They are not your ordinary bobby pin. I find them to be very strong with a tight grip. I have been very happy with the ways I have been able to use them and not have to use a whole lot to achieve my desired style. Please take a moment to check them out.


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Till next time…





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2 Responses to Elegant Bobby Pin Hairstyles

  1. Linda Stool says:

    Lovely selection of bobby pins!



  2. Very cute collection of bobby pins.so sweet


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