Why Lilla Rose?

Have you ever wondered why people get all into certain things? Why they think something is the best? One of these products that I feel strongly about is Lilla Rose. And if you wonder why here are just some of my reasons.

  • Because it works
  • Its comfortable
  • Its durable
  • Its guaranteed
  • Its beautiful
  • Its affordable
  • Something for every occasion


Over two years ago when I first tried on my first Lilla Rose flexi clip I could not believe how comfortable it was. Yes, it did take a few tries to get it right and a few days of wearing them till I for sure knew what size was best for what I was using it but ever since I have been HOOKED. I have not used any other hair accessories to put up my hair since that first introduction to them.

Lilla Rose has an amazing selection of styles. The flexi clips come in 7 sizes, mini to mega, which is what makes them so versatile and helps achieve the perfect fit for your hair type and style. To see what all is currently available you can go here to browse the selection and sizes.

Every month Lilla Rose has a Flexi of the Month (FOTM) which is only available throughout that month or while supplies last. This month we have two surprises! We get to choose it in the style pictured below or in all silver, plus an early release date on the 26th, so you can get it in time for Valentine’s Day. There are also incredibly cute, coordinating bobby pins this month.

The FOTM will debut with a sale of 10% off from the 26th through the 27th of January. All orders over $50 will receive a free pair of Vintage Heart You-Pins.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send an email and I will respond as soon as I am able.




I am an Independent Consultant with Lilla Rose and will receive compensation from any purchases made through my website. Thank you for your support.




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