So Little Time

A new year, a new month… Time is moving right along at a pace much faster than I wish. Theres so many things I would like to do and so little time… or maybe its just not the right time to be doing all those things. With two little ones that love lots of attention from a Mama who likes to keep busy I often have to choose to put aside those “not all that important” things that would steal precious time from my girls. Even now as they are both napping I feel rushed to get some work done that just can’t be done when they are awake.  Things like working on this blog, making some birthday gifts, sewing projects I need to do for a friend, and taking care of my little side business.

Like most people with each New year “For me its a monthly, weekly and even daily thing” my heart often ponders “Is there something I want to change””How can I be the most efficient with my time?” “What can I do different today than yesterday?” “What worked and what didn’t last week?” “What do I really need to accomplish today?” With those questions and a bunch more I am constantly asking myself where I want to go and how I am going to get there. Its helping me to set goals. To be consistent. To not be afraid to change things around if something doesn’t work. To try things. To discard things. And slowly but surely its helping to change some life long ingrained habits that have been a big hinderance in my adult life.

Time… a gift…a blessing…that we have for such a short moment.  I want to use mine wisely. When I fail… I pray that God will give me the grace to see it and to look to Him to for wisdom and grace to make the best use of it that I can.


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